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Gunter Knockaert

Gunter Knockaert (born 1973) has been trained as a Physiotherapist (1995) in HIPB Belgium, with Master degrees  in Sport Physiotherapy (1996), Osteopathy (2006) and Muscular Chains by Busquets (2009). He was born in Ieper – Belgium and is living in Lanzarote since 1996.

With almost 25 years of experience in athlete’s treatment, he is collaborating as a Sports Physiotherapist & Osteopath with a large number of professional athletes; IRONMAN world champions, Olympic athletes, duathletes, cyclists, endurance athletes, etc… He is specialized in triathlon endurance sports.

Gunter has been practising triathlon Ironman distances himself for several years and since 2010 active in marathon MTB races.

Gunter created a series of specific O43 structural techniques & proved exercise programs, which are used in the OSTEO43 clinics and definitely mark the difference!

OSTEO43 is a registered trademark.

Osteo43 Therapist

Christian Aguilera Jacobsen

Christian Aguilera Jacobsen (born 1961) has been trained as a Sports Teacher ( INEF – 1984) and later as a Physiotherapist (1989). He finished his 6 year Osteopathy master in 2004. He was born in Barcelona and has double nationality Spanish – Danish. He lives in Lanzarote since 1990.

Christian has been active as an athlete himself in sports especially in athletics, he was a very talented pole vaulter. Later he played tennis at a high level and since 5 years he is practising triathlon.

Christian can look back on more than 25 years of combined knowledge in sports teaching and body treatment. He has been using the O43 techniques & programs for many years and is an absolute specialist in using the patient’s muscular system to improve structural position and decrease tension within the musculoskeletal framework.

Osteo43 Therapist

Hermann Zimmermann

Hermann Zimmermann (born in 1986) with double nationality German and Spanish, trained as a physiotherapist in Madrid (2010).

He has a master degree in Manual Therapy (2010) which provided him with an osteopathic vision and techniques in addition to Muscular Chains (GDS).

In 2018 he completed a master degree in Kinesiology (Vienna – Austria).

He has a large amount of experience treating professional athletes, including professional basketball & handball teams, track & field athletes and cyclists.

One of his roles brought him to be the responsible therapist for the US basketball team (U23).

Manual therapy, osteopathy and a global vision of the patient are his main specialized fields.

Hermann is a former basketball player, international rescue swimmer and is an absolute sports addict!

He lived/worked  in multiple countries: France, Germany, Austria, Spain and China.

His language skills allow him to speak fluently in : German, Spanish, English and French.

Train Hard – We Will Fix You!

Train hard – we will fix you