Video Consultations

What are Video consultations and why can they help me?

Osteo43 Therapy is based at Club La Santa Lanzarote, world’s biggest sports hotel.
If you have been treated in our practice, you might need a follow up, you might have additional doubts, you want to step up your training plan, you want specific tips & tricks to improve your local therapy,…
Lanzarote – Canary Islands is can be far away but you would still like to know how we can treat the problem?
You are an athlete and you are struggling with an ongoing injury?
You want to know what you can do yourself, by practising self-treatment and exercises?
You have heard other athletes talking about Osteo43?
Our specific insights and experience in athlete’s treatment can bring you a whole different view of how to tackle the problem. We guide you through your workout planning to make recovery faster and long-lasting.
We work different than other osteopaths and solutions are sometimes far away from the problem. Don’t stick to the symptom. Be treated like a professional athletes.
Osteo43 Therapy has been excelling in athlete’s treatment since 1996, especially with professional triathletes including 2x world champion Patrick Lange, former world champion Sebastian Kienle and current femal world champion Anne Haug. As well as belgium 2x IRONMAN world champion Luc Van Lierde or the entire Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei

How do they work?

  • Appointments can be booked by clicking on ‘Book now’ at the bottom of this page and selecting ‘Video consultation’
  • You will receive a confirmation email with a link to the video call.
  • The confirmation email will include an additional link to arrange payment (payments must be made online prior to the commencing of the videocall)
  • At the arranged date and time of the consultation, please click on the email link to join the consultation (Please make sure that you’ve got a good internet connection and that you’re not in a noisy place, so that the we can hear you clearly)

Your consultation

  • As in our clinic, we will take a detailed history to identify all factors affecting your current health
  • We will observe and ask you to perform a series of movements to identify the source of your problem
  • Together, the detailed history and examination will enable us to formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to your needs
Please note there are cases that are not suitable for video consultations. In these situations, we will do our best to provide you with appropriate assessment and advice until you can be seen at your local clinic.