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Entrena duro, nosotros nos ocupamos del resto.

En O43, somos especialistas en la evaluación y tratamiento de lesiones deportivas.

El equipo de O43 tiene más de 25 años de experiencia individual en la evaluación clínica, diagnóstico, análisis y tratamiento manual.

Usamos únicamente técnicas manuales y técnicas de corrección estructural para corregir la biomecánica. Muchas técnicas son O43 exclusivas y nuestros programas de recuperación activo son únicos en el mundo.

Nuestros pacientes son personas activas, amantes del deporte, edad entre 15-65, con lesiones agudas o crónicas.

Train hard, we will do the rest.

In O43, we specialize in the evaluation and treatment of sports related injuries.

The O43 team provides over 25 year individual experience in clinical evaluation, diagnosis, assessment and manual treatment to get you back on track.

We only use manual techniques and especially structural biomechanic correcting techniques. The use of O43 specific techniques and recovery programs are unique in the world.

Our target group are active sportive people, experienced or novice, aged 15 – 65, with an acute or chronic injury.


osteo contra


•Enfermedades degenerativas que implican el deterioro de estructuras o función tisular, como el cáncer, la osteoartritis, la osteoartrosis, presencia de sindesmofitos y la arteriosclerosis.

•Todos los trastornos metabólicos como metástasis oseas, osteoporosis severa y osteomalacia.

•Todas las afecciones infecciosas o inflamatorias de la columna vertebral, como espondilodiscitis (Pott).

•Las malformaciones de la charnela cervico-occipital, bloqueo congénito o adquirido, espondilitis anquilosante.

•Las fracturas/esguinces en la zona a tratar, las hernias discales inestables en la zona a tratar.

•El síndrome de insuficiencia circulatoria vertebrobasilar.




•Todas las afecciones infecciosas o inflamatorias de la columna vertebral.

•Todos los trastornos metabólicos como metástasis oseas, osteoporosis severa y osteomalacia.

•La malformación de la charnela cervico-occipital.

•Enfermedades degenerativas que implican el deterioro de estructuras o función tisular, como el cáncer, la osteoartritis, la osteoartrosis y la arteriosclerosis.

•Las fracturas en la zona a tratar.

•El síndrome de insuficiencia circulatoria vertebrobasilar.




Knee instability

Knee instability often leads to wrong diagnosis of knee injuries. In our consultation we often see patients with diffuse knee pains, which have been diagnosed with tendinitis/bursitis, meniscus tear, IT band syndrome,…

In fact, the actual diagnosis can be right, but (especially) recurring tendinitis/bursitis in the knee joint and wrongly diagnosed problems may be caused by knee instability, hypermobility or damaged cruciate and/or CL ligaments. It doesn’t make sense to treat and re-treat recurring inflammations over and over again. With a right diagnosis and assessment, these long term problems can be solved with a couple of minutes of exercise a day. As a result of better and more reactive stability, the recurring tendinitis/bursitis will heal. Remember proprioception is a neurologic training between joint & muscle structures and brain orders (via spinal cord), so training on a daily basis is necessary!

Off course, pelvic –spine – cranium – periferic imbalances must be treated before starting the balance exercises.

Inestabilidad de rodilla

La inestabilidad de rodilla es muchas veces la causa de diagnósticos erróneos en la rodilla. A la consulta acuden muchos pacientes que han sido diagnosticados tendinitis/bursitis, rotura menisco, síndrome cintilla iliotibial,…

En realidad, el diagnostico puede estar bien, sin embargo muchas tendinitis/bursitis crónicas en la rodilla están provocados por inestabilidad, hiperlaxitud o distensión/rotura de los ligamentos laterales o cruzados. No tiene sentido tratar y volver a tratar esas lesiones. Con un buen diagnóstico y las indicaciones correctas, esos problemas crónicos pueden resolverse con un par de minutos de ejercicio al día. Con una mejor y más reactiva estabilidad, las inflamaciones se van a curar. En el entrenamiento de estabilidad o propiocepción se trata de activar el sistema neurológico entre las estructuras articulares y musculares y el cerebro (medula), así que el entrenamiento debería ser a diario!

Lógicamente, el entrenamiento de propiocepción solo puede ser eficaz si se han eliminado todos los posibles bloqueos articulares de pelvis – columna – cráneo y articulaciones periféricas.






Gunter Knockaert has been trained as a Physiotherapist (1995) and Sport Physiotherapist (1996) in HIPB Belgium. He was born in Ieper - Belgium and is living in Lanzarote  since 1996. He finished Osteopathy studies with EOM Spain in 2006.

With more than 20 years of experience in athlete’s treatment, he has been collaborating as a Sports Physiotherapist & Osteopath with a large number of IRONMAN champions, olympic distance triathletes, duathletes, cyclists, endurance athletes, etc…
Gunter created a serie of proved exercise programs post treatment, which are used in the OSTEO43 clinics and definitely mark the difference!


Christian Aguilera Jacobsen has been trained in Barcelona University, first as a Sports Teacher (Licenciado INEF - 1984) and later as a Physiotherapist (1989). He was born in Barcelona and has double nationality Spanish - Danish. He lives in Lanzarote since 1990.
He finished Osteopathy studies with EOM Spain in 2004.
Christian has been active in sports especially in athletics, tennis and triathlon and can look back on more than 25 years of combined knowledge in sports teaching and body treatment.

Osteopathy and manual treatment are by far the most used therapies by people participating in sport, due to fast recovery and high effectiveness.

Individually designed
Our treatment is individually designed and normally only requires 1-3 sessions to achieve full recovery.
Osteopathic treatment generally consists of gentle structural manipulation, followed by muscular, ligamentar, visceral or craneal correction.
Every treatment focuses on educating you about your injury. This will empower you with the knowledge you need to have for full recovery and to avoid recidivism.
A case history and full physical examination will be taken to ensure patients safety. If your condition is non treatable with structural manipulation or patient prefers so, soft tissue treatment and other hands-on techniques will be chosen.
Booking and Payment
Please book in advance via our website , by reception or directly at the OSTEO43 clinic. Reservation is compulsory. 24h cancellation policy applies.


la santa


la santa


CLUB LA SANTA is made to be the most fantastic playground in the world for active people. Most sports are included in the accommodation prices. Thus, everybody can enjoy the facilities, group instructions and entertainments free of charge. Equipment is provided and the Green Team takes care of an extensive weekly programme of sports and activities. Come to Lanzarote and enjoy the Club La Santa Lifestyle.